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What Exactly Is SEO?

You're probably aware that SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimisation', but what does that actually mean?

New site build - WIG Engineering Ltd

We've recently completed a new website for the Bicester-based steel engineering firm, WIG Engineering.

Bespoke E-Commerce v Shopify

Why getting a bespoke E-commerce website is better and cheaper in the long run.

Why choose a local web designer?

As a rule, it's be best to find a local web designer. This is why…

Do I need a website?

The question of whether you *need* a website depends on the nature of your business, but in many cases, actually, almost all cases there are benefits to be had from having a website.

How to choose the right web designer

Choosing a new web design company can be a bit of a nightmare. Here are some top tips and considerations when picking a web designer.

Do I need SSL on my website? Does https guarantee security?

There is a great deal of mis-understanding about SSL/https, so what does it actually mean and how does it work?

Why good photography on a website is important

If you think about any great-looking websites you’ve seen, the chances are it will have striking photography.

A new website in time for a new season…

It’s been a while coming but we are excited to launch our sparkly new Pixel Concepts website

Darl-e and the Bear win best art gallery award

We were excited to discover one of our web design clients, Darl-e and the Bear have just won an award!

Get up earlier than the scammers, don't be caught out

Domain name related scams are more common then ever. Here's how to keep ahead of the scammers

Covid-19 accelerates the evolution of online behaviour

Some things have changed forever thanks to Covid, in particular some of our day-to-day online habits.