Get up earlier than the scammers, don't be caught out

We are all seeing more and more online scams and attempts using various techniques generally known as “phishing” to get our personal details. These low-lifes will use any possible method they can to con unsuspecting people out of their hard earned money. Domain name owners unfortunately don’t escape this treatment. We look after several hundred domains for our clients but in many cases the registrant (owner) details are available. The scammers are incredibly adept at making what look like legitimate claims that they will renew your domain so here’s what you need to know:

  1. If we look after your domain, only we can renew it. The only renewal fee request would come from us.
  2. Your domain name cannot be taken from you once it’s registered. It’s not possible for another person to take it over without your express permission.
  3. If you are considering a new domain, don’t be fooled by claims that a competitor is also thinking about buying it. It’s really not moral if they do have a client ready to buy, for them to hold you to ransom is it?
  4. There is no such thing as “search engine registration/renewal”. This is a common term used to fool clients into thinking this is an important and necessary renewal fee.
  5. Even printed letters relating to your domain can be fake.
  6. In this instance your name and/or other personal details are not validation. Some of these scams look very legitimate and are not generic in their message.
  7. Always check with us first about anything domain/hosting/email related.

Posted: June 2021