Pixel Concepts is twenty years old!

On the 1st of October 2002, Pixel Concepts opened its digital doors for the first time and has been building bespoke, quality websites ever since. It doesn’t feel like twenty years to us, but when we think about all the changes that have taken place in web design over the years, it makes us realise that we work in such an incredibly adaptable arena.

We’ve seen some huge changes in the internet, and web design over the years, with many trends and technologies coming and going. ‘Flash’ was the king of web animation in 2002, and is sadly all but deleted from memory nowadays.

The proliferation of Wordpress websites, and the emergence of web video due to much faster internet connections, JQuery and HTML5 are among some of the biggest changes to web design since we first started designing and building websites.

Social media is now a part of everyday life, and yet Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube etc. didn’t even exist when we built our first website.

We’re very proud of that fact that many of our clients have stayed with us over the years, including some that have been with us for the whole twenty years! Quite a few of them are many miles away from our Banbury office, and recent web technologies such as ‘Zoom calls’ and ‘Teams meetings’ have made this process a lot easier since the early days of driving for hours to discuss design or functionality changes.

Needing to adapt to the constant stream of new web technologies is one of the things that makes web design such an interesting and rewarding occupation, and many more things are possible than they were 2002. I wonder what we’ll be capable of in 2042?

So, here’s to the next twenty years… cheers!

Posted: September 2022